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Shared Table is a project created by Axelle Kaya and Dani Behnod with the purpose of bringing people together. It started with a beautiful and genuine necessity: going back to the essence of food. 
Eating is about sitting together over a meal, connecting with people, and playing with cultural and historical aspects. It’s about the land where an entire ecosystem works on nurturing and growing foods, to build a web of relationships. It makes people question:
Why do we eat? It’s not all about nutrients- it's also about connection. 
Where do we eat? Was it in my car or at the office, because our daily life doesn't allow us to restore properly? Or, on the contrary, was it with friends or family, laughing and chatting? 
Who was involved in my food? Do I know the person who cooked for me, and more importantly, do I shake the hands of the ones who grow my food?
By asking this questions, we go back to the essence of food:
Food is meant to be shared and make you connect
What we offer is simple but nowadays, it is truly vital:
Share and connect to each other through great food.


"What a perfect evening. The food, the company, the hosts—everything was truly wonderful. I was so impressed at the way the chefs and servers knew how to pace the dinner so that everybody could enjoy the meal without feeling rushed either in conversation or in sampling. That is a really difficult art! I could tell great care was taken to observe how we were eating and the timing was planned accordingly. To say nothing of the incredible food!. :) I cannot imagine a better space—either in physical layout, vibe, or staff—than for an event like Shared Table. Thank you to everybody who had a hand in the evening! It won't soon be forgotten!"

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