Hi, I'm Dani!

A curious conscious creative looking to create change and help others who want to do the same.


I work with Mindful individuals, businesses, artists, creators, facilitators, looking to shine a light on subjects like veganism, climate change, social injustice, mindfulness, or any other way to impact people and the earth in a positive way. My goal is to support those who want to help others come into harmony with themselves and the planet.

I use photography, design, video, and other creative media to capture the essence of who you are, what you are passionate about, and what you want to say..


I am also a vegan cook and have worked to develop recipes, menus and cooked for retreats.

I co-created the project Shared Table, which aims to bring people together and reconnect them to the essence of food.


Since I can remember I always wanted to be an artist, and  since my early teens I’ve always had this love for the earth, the animals and this drive to help create a new system.


After graduating from an arts high school I decided to study graphic design in hopes that it would allow me to communicate this desire and support others to do the same. In my early career I ended up working for the corporate side of design, which taught me a lot but also made me realize that I was off track with what I wanted in my life. 


So since then I’ve given myself permission to be an artist by experimenting and experiencing different ways of creating. That's what I believe art is, just the physical creation of what you want to express or how you want to express yourself. And if it involves getting my hands dirty even better. As a result I now get to do three things I love: create visual art through design. Tell stories and connect to the world

through photography. Have an intimate relationship with the earth through cooking. Sometimes I get to connect all three.


I’ve been on a deep spiritual journey since 2016 which is why I choose to work with like minded people, because I want to support them as they offer support and tools to others that have been brave enough to go on this journey as well. The ones that dare to imagine and build a new system.

What do you want to express?  What do you want to create?

What do you want to offer the world?


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