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Amaranto is a charity on a mission to spread awareness of Mindful Food Consumption, Veganism, and the teachings of Yoga, with the purpose of reconnecting individuals to body and soul. Creating a more conscious and holistic lifestyle for everyone and the Earth. 

I worked directly with the founders to develop various materials to communicate with them and bring more visibility to the organization. This included re-designing their website, design of their membership card, and social media content, and concept development and design of their quarterly Editorial, Aurora. All materials were produced in Spanish, French, and sometimes English as well.

Due to Covid and other life circumstances, Amaranto closed its doors as the founders decided to pursue other passions.

Website Re-design


Membership Card

Social Media Contente

Aurora Editorial

I worked closely with the Amaranto team to develop the concept, the structure, and the look and feel of their quarterly editorial. Then I was in charge of fully executing the final product.

The content was organized with Amaranto's three pillars: Yoga, Conscious Cooking and Veganism. It offers vegan recipes, audio meditations, video yoga session, and informative and enriching articles related to veganism and living a more conscious life in general.

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