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For me there is no better feeling than that which comes from creating something with my hands. Here are a few ways I express by creating physical objects.

This is a table created from raw wood material. The top of the table and the seats are stained using left over coffee grounds, as a way to recycle them before disposing them, and then finished with a few layers of varnish to protect it. The table was designed with multiple purposes in mind, so the top can be flipped over and used as a art studio table. Other wise it is great as a office table or dinning table for entertaining friends and family.

I believe in the power of art to help us connect and transform our emotions. This pieces were born from a technique I created for myself in order to let the energy of my emotions flow through me and transform into something else.  A form of play in order to re-connect to my self and my body.

This project was born as a way to re-cycle glass bottles that remain from items already consumed. Giving a new life to something that would have ended up in a landfield as dust.

After seeing some empty cheese crates ready to go into the garbageI was inspired to create these gift boxes and give them away as holiday presents. The wood from the cheese crakes are stained with used up coffee grounds from a local bakery.

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