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Hi, I'm Dani!

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A curious, conscious, creative exploring and learning how to live in this world in the most authentic and enjoyable way possible. And finding ways to share that with others.

​I am what you can call a multi-passionate person, I love creating and learning how to do so in new ways. For me communication, expression, and connection are essential aspects of our lives as human beings. It is what allows us to understand who we are, relate to others, and build a sense of community and belonging.  

In this website I share with you some of the ways I currently explore expression and creation. With graphic design I help others communicate, photography allows me to create connection, and my artwork gives me the freedom to express myself.

As an artist, creator, and Mindfulness Ambassador, I believe that it is through awareness, compassion, and self expression that we can create a better world for our selves and others.

Welcome, I invite you to explore this site with curiosity and an open mind. I look forward to connecting with you and seeing how we can create together.

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Email: | Tel: +33 7 66 13 05 78

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